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With AurelisOnLine you can directly listen to AURELIS sessions through the Internet. Here you find 200+ domains (1000+ sessions of autosuggestion) together. You can go here for on-line:

  • relaxation and meditation
  • self-exploration, symptom exploration
  • a powerful help from within to deal with your symptoms or condition
  • increasing your wellness and vitality
  • ...
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After registration and subscription, you immediately get access on any computer to all domains in different languages ​​and in combination with all AURELIS specifically composed soundtracks.

Under menu-item 'More resources', you find additional information wich may strengthen your user experiences.

If you want more help, you can get this through video or email coaching at website MyAurelisCoaching.

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DISCLAIMER: AurelisOnLine is no substitute for further medical care. The domains are not diagnostic but are each a separate entrance gate to your deeper self. When you have psychological problems then use AurelisOnLine only under appropriate supervision.



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