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Do these sessions while finding your path:

(Unlike AurelisOnLine itself, these sessions are merely click-and-play)


Playing with colors (from domain ’ Meditation’)

Egyptian healing: sun rays (from domain ’ General Healing’)

A flower that opens itself- full of zest for living (from domain ’ Discover Your Vitality’)

Looking into the future: within some years (from domain ’ Deep Motivation’)

The most elegant dance (from domain ’ Elegance in movement and dance’)

Deep contact with 'nature' as an inner guide (from domain ’ Inner guide’)

The purifying body scan (from domain ’ Deep cleansing of wider self’)


Listen to some pieces of advice and introduction:


Your inner strength

The most important is ‘letting go’

The real AURELIS session is ‘your story’

What is important when imagining

The purpose of every session: the flowing of your inner strength

The importance of repetition

During a session: attention comes and goes

Self confidence

Welcome what emerges spontaneously from within yourself