Mental attitude

To use Aurelis is to communicate with your deeper self. That is not 'just anything'. It's important to realize that the deeper self doesn't want to be changed from outside. In this, it is absolutely right. Aurelis has been oriented entirely towards your changing from within (= 'growing'). Nevertheless, the deeper self can feel this differently and then it reacts with uncooperativeness and resistance (such as 'unbelief'). If you get beyond this, then you have before you a powerful instrument. It's worth it to give yourself all chances to use it in the best way possible.

You reach this during a session by striving towards:

  • openness

Always make use of the possibility to grow through this. That is: believe in yourself.

  • attention
Be attentive to what it does to you, how it moves you.
  • patience

Don’t expect the desired result immediately. Real healing can only happen at its own pace: sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

  • being positively critical

This means that during the session itself you avoid the question: ‘How could this help me?’ Ask this question - appropriately - in a purely rational way and afterwards, but not in an emotional way and during a session. At the Aurelis website, you find much information about this.

  • actively searching for meaning

Always start from the idea that each sentence is meaningful, and especially to you personally. This means that during or after a session you sometimes start an emotional search of this meaning.

  • spontaneity

Let it happen ‘spontaneously’. You consciously show the direction, but the movement into that direction comes from within. Therefore, nothing happens effectively and at the same everything happens.

Above all: take complete responsibility for this yourself. If you don't succeed immediately however, then you are absolutely not to blame. You should never feel guilty about anything in this respect.

I wish you much pleasure, happiness, health and growth.


Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts